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"Vulnerable children fleeing persecution, often suffering high levels of trauma, will suffer from lazy assumptions made on the basis of their appearance.” Since Mr Davies made his comments it has been reported that, according to Home Office documents, nearly two-thirds of “child” refugees who officials questioned about their real age in the year 2015 were found to be adults.

However when asked how the age assessments were done in relation with the statistics,the government said there was no way of accurately confirming a refugees' age through medical tests, and explained that where documentary is not available, the assessment is made based on the "physical appearance" and "demeanour" of the individual.

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If not done for medical purposes it can be potentially dangerous for a child to undergo these X-rays." Frances Trevena, Acting Head of Policy and Programmes for Coram Children’s Legal Centre, a national charity committed to promoting children's rights, confirmed there is no medical procedure that can accurately assess a person's age, and raised "serious concerns" over "lazy assumptions" being made "on the basis of appearance.

"UK government guidance confirms that assessments should only be carried out where there is significant reason to doubt the age of the child.

It is extremely difficult to assess age from physical appearance alone, it is better that trained professionals conduct these investigations than journalists and political commentators.

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Rowan Farrell, co-founder of Refugee Info Bus, a charity operating in the Jungle camp, said the children looked more "weathered" due to the trauma they have endured.

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