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Be honest and upfront about your intentions ALWAYS. Outdated Picture Many people put pictures of themselves in their online dating profile of when they were younger or thinner or more attractive. For those of you that fall for an attached man or woman, don’t get sucked into their drama, regardless of how great they are (or seem to be). If you’ve got a little extra or not enough, it’s OK, be honest about it so that the person wanting to meet you knows what they’re getting and wants you anyway! Financial & Employment Status People are typically looking for someone with some stability.

People change, they age, they gain weight, they modify their look, whatever, and that’s what they should be showing – their true self. The thing is, you will have to MEET the person you’re talking to and chances are you won’t win them over with your winning personality! The biggest pet peeve people have with online dating is that people don’t look like their pictures. Take some good pics and post your REAL self because that’s the one you have to show to your prospective date!! Relationship Status There are those online dating who SAY they’re single but really aren’t. Often they will tell you once you start chatting, but many aren’t so upfront about it. Most often times you’re just a passing distraction and they will go back to their life or find a new person to conquer. Body Type Almost everyone lies about their body type. Lying about what you do and what you have is misrepresenting yourself.

And whether we like it or not, social media and technology has completely changed the way we find partners.We were able to get a lot of great actors, men and women to be a part of it.But for me it always starts with the script which Céline Geiger wrote, and it was a beautiful piece of material that turned into a show.This statistic presents the findings of a survey on the online dating site and app usage in the United Kingdom (UK) in June 2017, by relationships status and contentment.During the survey period, it was found that 76 percent of respondents who were married and either very or somewhat happy with their current relationship status stated, that they had never used online dating site or app.

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"Relationship Status," a new series that will arrive on the go90 app on April 29th, captures the ups and downs of modern relationships.

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